Serving the Greenville, South Carolina community since 2016

The Workshop You Wish You Had At Home!

Synergy Mill is a DIY community workshop and makerspace located inside the NEXT Manufacturing building on Birnie Street in West Greenville. We have a shared workshop for woodworking, metalworking, electronics, welding, 3d printing, and laser cutting, and more. It’s like a gymnasium for tools!

Join with a monthly subscription and gain access to tools, equipment, and workspace, or take a class to learn new skills.

Join the community!


We’ll help you put the “Do it” in DIY.
If you’re looking for a place you can paint, saw, create, build, and make some noise and dust, this is the coworking space for you. Collaboration on ideas, lending a helping hand, or having plain old fun are benefits that you’ll discover because the people in our community are friendly, capable, and generally awesome.
Help keep it going!
Supporting Synergy Mill with an ongoing donation to our operating budget empowers us to continue providing the community with a springboard for small business startups, classes for workforce development, and capital equipment for inventors, artists, and crafters to use. Synergy Mill is a pending 501(c3) charitable organization.


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Synergy Mill on Etsy

Upcoming events and workshops can be found on  Members receive discounts on select workshops and special events. Purchase completed projects and kits on our Etsy Store! Products are made by members of Synergy Mill in the workshop.

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We post pics of what is happening in the workshop almost every day! Look for us on Facebook for the latest news. Members have a special Facebook group for sharing projects.