Membership is easy as 1-2-3


Regular member pricing: $59/month  ($699/year)

Veteran, Academic, Senior membership: $49/month ($549/year)

One-Day Visitors pass: Recommended donation of $20

1: Fill out this form

This will get things started on our end and you’ll receive an email message asking you about a convenient time to stop in, so be thinking about when you can meet. You can email us directly at [email protected] or give us a phone call at 864-326-0050

2: Sign the waiver


3: Pay your membership dues

We would love to meet you in person at the workshop to accept your initial credit/debit dues payment. We’ve got a gift and some secret insider information to give you when we do that transaction!

(If you need to do an online payment we’ll email a link to you.)


We’re excited for you to be a part of SynergyMill! We are a pending 501(c)3 non-profit community makerspace that is home to members from all over the Upstate.

Our members are hobbyists, entrepreneurs, tinkerers, skilled craftspeople, serial networkers. Good people with a real desire to learn and be part of something awesome!

You can connect with the community and start networking through our Facebook page, Instagram page, Etsy page, and the forum on this website.


Commercial use

The SynergyMill community workshop is intended for non-commercial use. If you are learning how to use the tools, experimenting on a new idea, or just tinkering around trying new things, please enjoy! Use the freely available materials, glue, paint, wood, and more. We’ll do our best to keep tools and machines available and in running order.



The shop is available for you to run production parts, create products to sell, commission art pieces, or prototype something for your business. 

Entrepreneurship is a natural outcome of making and we encourage that! We request that you share some of your profits back to help us keep the resource of the workshop available. We want to avoid the “tragedy of the commons” where the resources are depleted because no one gives back. When you give back it keeps the tools and workshop open and available for everyone.

Have a chat with us about it because we want to be a part of your success!