We are proud to announce that we are now the Southeastern hub for the production of 3D printed face shields for those affected and in high exposure of the coronavirus. To produce these face shields, we need your help.

Our current laser cutter has been very well-loved.  Both genuinely and literally. We are now in need of a new laser cutter to help produce face shields efficiently for those braving the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic. We have partnered with 3D for COVID (www.3dforcovid.com), which is a community of thousands of makers who are dedicated to help those in need by utilizing their time, tools, and talent.

We can make a true difference with YOUR help.

We’re looking to bring in an 80-100 watt laser cutting, engraving, etching machine. Depending on how much we are able to pull together to make this cutting edge dream happen, we will be purchasing the one that is most efficient, cost-worthy, and capable.

All of the funds raised will be handled by our dedicated board of advisers at Synergy Mill.

We will provide updates on our fundraising wins and will also be extending our many thanks by implementing several different incentives for all of those who donate to the purchasing of our new laser cutter.

DONATE HERE: gf.me/u/xnifsy

The following amounts of donation will receive:

$10 donations and up will receive a sincere, virtual thank you and a seriously grateful cyber-hug.  Their name will also be added to a plaque that will be in honor of all of those who donated to be placed prominently in the Mill.

$25 donations and up will receive the above, as well as a handcrafted, Synergy Mill laser cut ornament with the new laser cutter.

$50 donations and up will receive all of the above, as well as a FREE laser cutting certification program.

$150 donations and up will also receive the above, as well as 5 hours of scheduled laser cutting time over in the first month it’s live.

$1,000 donations will receive ALL of the previously stated perks, as well as their name or the company brand/logo prominently displayed on the new laser cutter AND 10 hours of scheduled laser cutter time over the course of the first month live.


We’re so thankful for the community that we have built at Synergy Mill and we ask that you please donate to help make a difference.