We operate by the principle of “give more than you take.”  If everyone shares a little bit, the whole community will have plenty. You are welcome to freely print on the 3d printer or use the scrap wood and metal on the storage racks, but if you use a lot, consider replacing it with your time, talent, or money.

What tools are available to use at Synergy Mill?

Carpentry tools

Tablesaw, mitersaw, router table, lathe, bandsaw, beltsander, air nailers, clamps

Metalworking tools

Bandsaw, drill press, vertical mill, metal lathe, bench grinder, MIG welder, TIG welder,  plasma cutter, welding tables, welding helmets and jackets, 

Hand tools

Battery powered drills, sawzall, angle grinder, circular saws


3ftx6ft stand-up worktables and smaller sit-down worktables

Laser Cutting tools

45 watt Laser cutter/engraver, 135 watt Laser cutter/engraver (3′ x 5′ bed)

3d Printers

X-Carve CNC router 

Custom built CNC router for soft metals and plastics

Specialty tools

Shop air, bench vises, oven, sandblasting cabinet, plastics sheet bender, vacuum form machine

Electronics tools

Soldering station, tektronics oscilloscope, voltmeter


Piano, computers, flight simulator

Crafting tools

Glue, tape, hot glue, and all the miscellaneous materials you can think of.


Reclaimed wood, plastics, metals


What is the age limit for members/for those under 18?

Synergy Mill is a workshop with potentially dangerous tools so we require anyone under 18 to have close adult supervision. A waiver is also required to operate any equipment.


When are mentors present at Synergy Mill?

Mentors can be found during currently posted hours and by appointment.


Where can I find what upcoming classes are available?

Upcoming classes can be found on our website at http://www.synergymill.com and http://www.meetup.com/synergymill

Demonstrations and coaching is available by appointment and is free to members.


Can I bring a friend?

YES. Please bring a friend and share the space with them. We also have a rule of thumb to not operate dangerous machinery alone, so always have a buddy that can keep an eye on you! We also suggest a donation of $5 per visit for non-members.


Can I bring my own tools and materials to work with in the Synergy Mill work spaces?

You are welcome to bring your own tools and materials, especially tools that may be specific to your project like drill bits and other consumable items.